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Give a Gift of a Book: many women cannot afford the cost of a book. Part of our outreach is gifting books. If you would like to give a gift of a book (or books): (1) Purchase a book(s) as if you were going to purchase the book for yourself. (2) Follow up the purchase with an email telling Kimberly you wish to gift the book(s).

Group leaders: Kimberly would love to email your group a welcome letter. Send her a request.


I have been reading through your book I'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It? and Wow! It is perfect for this group! Kimberly, you did such a great job a identifying the root of the problem as well as revealing the true source of complete healing - Jesus. Your constant use of Scripture is exactly the kind of resource I want to use in this group, because the Truth of God's Word was the key to my own recovery - I know it will be for others as well. - Rae Lynn De Angelis, founder, Living in Truth Ministries

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your book "I'm Beautiful, Why Can't I See It". I began reading this book about one month ago after struggling with an eating disorder and body image issues since I was 13 (now am 26). I had been filled with hopelessness-I thought I would never be through with this or "normal". Now, every morning, I pick up the book and my bible and my heart is filled with hope. God is really using the book to speak truth into my life." -- Nicole T.

"Absolutely amazing book! Extremely helpful in terms of dealing with eating disorders with God's strength instead of one's own strength." -- Amanda

"Motivating the reader to journal their thoughts and be reflective is a great thing. Many woman never get to psychotherapy and this is the next best replacement." -- Christina K.

"I never have committed to a Bible study before. I have always looked for other spiritual books to answer my void. Today, His Word, through your guidance gave birth to an enriching understanding and way to heal. I am amazed that I had no anxiety or desires to eat more than I did. It was so at peace and 'normal'. This would not have happened if I was not doing your work. Your book works. I can say that with all my heart as I am learning to lessen my mind with 'me'. I guess I'm giving the true Holy Spirit room to enter and manifest a miracle. I send you love and thankfulness." -- Gail B.

"Your devotional study has been encouraging me and helping me place God at the center of my recovery from my eating disorder. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I am grateful that I found it." -- Kara D.

"I am certain that I am chosen by God to do this I'm God's GIrl? Why Can't I Feel It? study. I am finding your writing style and dialogue resonating such a loving lyric. I have been on a heart lifted journey and am already soaking up so much hope, love and faith that this is a path that will work for me. I can feel the light, and the reading has opened up such trust and hope in Father God." -- Janice F.

This book (God's Girl) was also a year long devotional, and I bought this one because I read another devotional by the same author and really enjoyed it. This book is targeted towards people with depression, but it can definitely help anyone who is simply struggling with something in their life. When I started this book I was in a much different place than I am now after reading it. This book is a great reminder on the little things that can help you enjoy life!-- Arial

"I read your study (God's Girl) and it was great. It helps me a great deal to have someone bring the Bible to me in terms of my eating disorder, and to draw out the relevant teachings and verses. It was very helpful." -- Elaine S.

"I believe that God lead me to your study, as it was exactly what I had been searching for and needed to help in my recovery. I now see that having faith in God and turning to Scripture is the only way to get better and live a meaningful life. Thank you so much, Kim. You have helped me and no doubt countless of others who are struggling with eating disorders." -- Leanne K.

We are wonderfully complex, as God created us, and this book, Torn Between Two Masters, puts it out there. Kimberly wrote a fantastic book that truly opened my eyes to things about myself. I read the book and created a lesson plan for the group of high school women, but I gained so much from it! Kids or no the book. You will gain much for yourself and all those in your life. -- Jody

"Thank you so much, Kim, for creating Olive Branch Outreach. I have been thinking about starting an eating disorder support group in my area (Stratford, Ontario, Canada) that is based on Christian principles and the Bible. I was wondering if you could be give me any ideas or direct me to any resources that would help me structure a group. Thank you so much Kim for all of your work in this area. You are truly an inspiration!" -- Carol H.

"My name is Maria. I am from the Philippines. At 15 I started binging and purging. I thought I was ugly and fat. I have the wrong self-image and insecurity. Everyday I pray that I will overcome temptation with God's grace. I want to start a support group in our Church. I hope you can help with this endeavor. To God be the glory." -- Maria D.

"We really love your study. It has blessed us so. You have done such a good job of including unique Scriptures. It is very well thought out and I believe life changing. The residents really love the class and wish it were longer. We have a "Healthy Eating" group of staff that wants to use your study too!" -- Colleen Barker, Administrator; Jerri Ann Salvato, Lead Program Implementer, Shepherd's Door for Women and Children, Portland, Oregon

Kim, when you sent over your manuscript, I was very intrigued and had to read it when I got it. I also went to your website and was very impressed with your ministry and faith. Every woman in the office has been looking it over and we all feel that this is a really important message to get out there! -- Tate Publishing

"It is with anticipation that I will recommend this study (I'm God's Girl?) as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Anticipation that God will use it as an offering of hope, empowerment, guidance, recognition of value and nurturance to those whom will seek His face as a means of release from discouragement and depression." -- Dr. Laura Roberts, Cornerstone Clinical Services, Portland, Oregon

"The content is excellent. I liked the bite sized bits of material because I could "chew" on one idea at a time. You are changing the future of my generation. Your writing is bridging the gap between this generation and hope. You're like a loudspeaker, getting people's attention, getting them involved, and rescuing the hiding, hurting people." - Kat M.

"I love it! This devotional is practical, down to earth and enhances spiritual growth. - Adele Hooker, Minister, Retired

As someone who has suffered from an eating disorder for over twenty years, my bookshelves are full of self-help books. This book is different. Kimberly Davidson shares the only way to true healing: a relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. I've learned through this long journey that only God can fill those dark places in our lives. His Spirit will fill you as food never can. The result will be peace and joy rather than the shame and guilt food causes. Read this book and let God speak to you through it. I can't recommend this book highly enough. -- Melrose

After dealing with an eating disorder for most of my life and admitting it to no one, even myself most of the time, a friend and mentor finally convinced me to join a new bible study taking place at church based on the book, I'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It?. This book, and the study that took place surrounding it, transformed my life. Kimberly Davidson writes from a place of personal knowledge and allows her own failings to be on display for all to see so that others may learn how to deal with the pain that so often accompanies an eating disorder. Her writing was, in my life, a perfect example of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. She allowed the comfort she received from God while dealing with her own eating disorder to flow through her words into the lives of many other hurting women. --Amanda

Amazing, life changing books. I highly recommend this to everyone who has ever struggled with addiction or self image issues. Be prepared for God to do a major work in your life if you truely open up and take an honest look at yourself. -- Missy

I was buying various Christian self help books, this one touched me more than any of the others. I have been struggling with an low-self esteem and bad eating habits for over 5 years and this book opens your eyes and helps you see things in a different perspective. An amazing helpful book! -- Whitney

Change your mind. Change your life.

Transforming Lives God's Way ~ Find Freedom & Happiness

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healing after lossNo One Sent a Sympathy Card [Book Description]
The Grief that Goes Unrecognized

Foothills Community Church class: Healing After Loss
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every body remembersEvery Body Remembers [Book Description]
Learn How to Get Past Your Past
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00


Turn Your Mind and Brain Back OnTurn Your Mind and Brain Back On [Book Description]
Break Through Your Past to Ensure a Healthy Future
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Deadly LoveThe Perfect Counselor [Book Description]
Break Through Your Past to Ensure a Healthy Future
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Deadly LoveDeadly Love [Book Description]
Confronting the Sex Trafficking of Our Children
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

100% of the profits from book sales will be distributed to Freedom Calling: Ending Modern Day Slavery
(a 501c3 organization).

food and body addictionDancing in the Sonshine Second Edition[Book Description]
Restoration from the Wounds of Abuse (childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence)
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

food and body addictionI'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It? Second Edition
Love Yourself and Love Your Body in 12 Weeks [Book Description][Meet Kimberly Video]
[Retail Price: $20.99]

Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

addiction recoverySomething Happened On My Way to Hell
Break Free From the Insatiable Pursuit of Pleasure
[Book Description][Meet Kimberly video] [Atlanta Live interveiw]
[Retail Price: $19.99]

Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

author, addiction recovery

change your mind. change your life.Breaking the Cover Girl Mask
Toss Out Toxic Thoughts [Book Description]
[Retail Price: 19.99]
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Breaking the Cover Girl Mask: Toss Out Toxic Thoughts
Breaking the Cover Girl Mask: Toss Out Toxic Thoughts Purchase Breaking the Cover Girl Mask E-Book (kindle edition)

help for depression and the bluesI'm God's Girl? Why Can't I Feel It? [Book Description]
Daily Biblical Encouragement to Defeat Depression & the Blues [Retail: 24.99]
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Help for Depression Help for Depression Journal

live authentically in a celebrity-obsessed worldTorn Between Two Masters [Book Description]
Encouraging Teens to Live Authentically In a Celebrity-Obsessed World
[Retail Price: $21.99]
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Purchase Torn Between Two Masters E Book (kindle edition)

hope, help, healing for eating disordersfood and body addiction Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders by Dr. Gregory Jantz + I'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It? [Book Description]
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break free. get out of your pit.Experience True Freedom: 3 CD Audio Set [Audio Set Description]
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00


Book Descriptions

healing after lossNobody Sent a Sympathy Card: The Grief That Goes Unrecognized

Are you experiencing crushing sorrow, a heartbreaking blow or bitter disappointment? Have you felt confused as to why you continually feel down or sad or numb or angry? It may be because your soul is wrestling with “unresolved grief and loss.” Loss isn’t always about physical death. There is a profound connection between anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, anger, fear, guilt, shame and loss and grief.  This book offers participants specific actions needed to move beyond loss.


learn how to get past your pastEvery Body Remembers: Learn To Get Past Your Past

The past isn’t your past if it’s still infecting your present.
Could you ever imagine there may be a biological connection between what happened when you were a kid and your body breaking down decades later? Our past can tick away inside us for years like a silent time bomb—until it lets us know our body hasn’t forgotten the past. Negative thoughts and emotions remain alive in our memory networks.Scientists repeatedly confirm emotional stress and adversity affects the cardiac, respiratory and immune systems; it affects the brain and mind.

Our emotional biography becomes our physical biology—yet, the Bible vows—and science confirms—our biology doesn’t have to be our destiny. When our brain’s information processing system is stuck, we need help to jump start it. We need to decide to—with our Creator—change our inner world and do “the Work.” We have a choice—either stay locked in the past or proactively take biblically and scientifically proven steps to transform ourselves.

Do you want to re-story your life? Every Body Remembers will walk you through “the Work”—thought and memory therapy for healing the hard and hidden stuff—with the Great Physician. You will discover new insights about how to achieve optimum health and live a better life despite past adversities. The simple time-proven self-help exercises will help you cut through years of negative thinking beliefs so you can move forward towards the glorious plan God has for your life. You will think better—feel better—appear better—perform better, and be in a good place to do what God created you to do.


turn your mind and brain back onTurn Your Mind and Brain Back On: Unlease the Power of a Renwed Mind

Brain research has found that our thoughts and beliefs affect our physical, mental, relational and spiritual health significantly. There is no freedom without a change of mind. In Turn Your Mind and Brain Back On, Kimberly tackles the spiritual roots of negative thinking and behavioral patterns. She combines the latest in brain physiology with the Word of God.  She teaches women how to “take every thought captive,” renew her mind and put on the mind of Christ. This study walks the reader through how her mind can be restored—turned back on—to the way God designed it to be.


The Perfect Counselor: Break Through Your Past to Ensure a Healthy Future

Millions of Christian women are trapped in pain, broken families, economic misery, depression, emotional disorders, fear, and addiction, all of which create harmful thoughts literally embedded in their minds. Each one needs hope, healing, and help from the Perfect Counselor.

The greatest therapist who ever lived, Jesus Christ, permanently transforms individual pain and restores lives. For women desperate for encouragement, comfort, healing, and wisdom, pastoral counselor Kimberly Davidson, details the power of recognizing Jesus’s presence. Drawing on the Word of God, the science of changing the mind, and weaving real women's stories of emotional pain into every chapter, Kimberly effectively explores timely topics with Scripture and practical suggestions. With honesty and personal vulnerability, she openly shares the hurts of her past and uses the pain as a platform upon which others can find fresh faith and renewed courage from The Perfect Counselor. Stand challenged to change your destiny! You will learn:

  • To come to terms with your past and move powerfully into the future.
  • How to update toxic memories by bringing in new, relevant information.
  • The best ways to validate your emotions and build your self-worth.
  • To take back control and thrive in relationships.
  • To love like you’ve never been hurt.
  • Much more.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up …” —Isaiah 43:18-19


battlefield of the mind. throw out toxic thoughts.Breaking the Cover Girl Mask: Toss Out Toxic Thoughts

Millions of women today are in desperate need of healing from destructive thoughts and emotions: anxiety, fear, jealousy, doubt, perfectionism, anger and depression. Our mind affects our whole being. Research shows that approximately 87% of illnesses can be attributed to our thought life. Our attitudes are important to health and success in life. We cannot live the life God intended, a life of freedom and joy, without a change of mind. Drawing from personal and ministerial experience, women's pastor Kimberly Davidson will lead you on a life-changing journey where you will learn how to confront and conquer harmful thought patterns and behavior.

Toxic thoughts and emotions, which Kimberly calls mindholds, can be God's way of telling us we have some serious things to deal with; things that are holding us back. Because emotions and behaviors involve a complex interplay between the heart, the mind and the body, it benefits us to know how our mind is influenced and how our brain works. In this book you will be given proven techniques to optimize heart and mind, even brain function. By implementing R-E-S-I-S-T, you can experience true and powerful mind change, restoring the new mind and nature Christ died to give you!

"This is your BEST! I love it. I'm very proud of your work. Be blessed." ~ Dr. Gregory. Jantz, The Center, Edmonds, Washington


There Is No Freedom Without a Change of Mind
Part One: Understanding How the Past Influences the Present
1. A New Creation?
2. The Conflict Zones
3. Deadly Deception
4. Serpentine Seduction
5. Painful Choices
6. Connecting the Mind, Heart and Soul

Part Two: Evaluating the Present
7. What's On Your Mind?
8. That Old Mindset
9. Toxic Temptation
10. Acidic Accusation
11. Savior or Adversary?

Part Three: Refocusing the Present and the Future
12. Embracing Your Personality
13. Losing Your (Old) Mind
14. Turn Your Brain Back On

Part Four: A Transformed Mind
15. The Garbage Man Always Rings Twice
16. A Beautiful Mind
The Unmasked Life
Appendix: The Bible: The Power of God's Word
  • Every woman in every church needs to read this! -Sydney Nash, Church and community volunteer
  • Kim doesn't sugar coat this subject. She is honest and transparent and out to bust many worldly falsehoods that lead to toxic thinking and behaviors. -Ronnie Hansen, Marketing manager
  • This study is exactly what we need in here. Knowledge and truth do change everything, including our minds! -Anonymous, Coffee Creek Women's Correctional Facility
  • Your aim to help Christian women readjust their thoughts, emotions, and ambitions in order to set a pace for a healthier lifestyle is truly admirable. Your writing style is engaging, and you have a great sense of knowing your audience. -Molly Theissen, Writer and Editor
  • Your study helped me to change my mind completely. The Bible came alive and was just the prescription I needed. It was extremely helpful. -Katie Slauster, College student
  • Breaking the Cover Girl Mask was extremely eye opening and moving. It challenged me, and I certainly see the need for every female to work through this book. -Danielle Patrillo, Marketing representative
  • I am re-reading BCGM once again and I am seeing it in a whole new light, different than I did the other times I read it. ~ Jen T.

break free. get out of your pit.Experience True Freedom: 3 CD Audio Set

Most of us have wondered: "God says I am a new creation in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). Why don't I feel like it?" Christ came to set us free—not free to do what we want, but he has freed us to do the impossible. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can live selfishly and dream big, fulfilling our God-given destiny! The apostle Paul reiterated over and over that the key to Christlike transformation is to abandon everything connected with our old way of life. Instead, we are to put on an entirely new way of life, renewing our attitudes and thoughts until they reproduce God's character in us. His message describes a battle for our mind, heart and body.

Today, scientists confirm that every thought and behavior involves a complex interplay between the heart, the mind and the body. We do not merely experience anger in our minds, we feel it biologically in our body. If we were to look at our brain we may even see a dark abscess caused by the stronghold of anger. There was not only a spiritual reason for Paul's battle cry, but a psychological and biological reason.

In these three sessions, Kimberly's objective is to point the audience to the one who has the ability to literally open their mind and heart, and break every stronghold, ultimately leading to FREEDOM: thinking, feeling, and living better.

  • Fighting for Freedom
  • Freedom through Forgiveness
  • Freedom through Knowledge

abuse recovery

Dancing in the Sonshine: Resoration from the Wounds of Abuse

Childhood abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault are everyday crisis’s that devastate the lives of countless women and girls. Each one needs help, hope, the courage to heal … and a Savior.

This book could save a lifeSince its inception, countless women have completed Dancing in the Sonshine, permanently changing their lives and restoring their shattered selves. Drawing on the Word of God, contemporary research on trauma and the brain, ministerial experience, and interviews with survivors, pastoral counselor Kimberly Davidson provides an eye-opening and transformative study for victims, their families, ministry leaders, and anyone who feels compassion for the oppressed. Dancing in the Sonshineis a must-read for any woman suffering from the wounds of childhood abuse, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. Stand challenged to change your destiny! You will learn:

  1. How to take back control, restore trust, and reclaim your life.
  2. To come to terms with your past and move powerfully into the future.
  3. The best ways to build your self-image and self-worth.
  4. To love like you've never been hurt.
  5. The best way to thrive in relationships.
  6. Many other eye-opening insights.

 “There is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance …”–Ecclesiastes 3:4

Deadly Love

Confronting the Sex Trafficking of Our Children

Every day profit-hungry criminals sell innocent adolescents into slavery for sex—in the United States. Our world, particularly the online world, has transformed and spread human sex trafficking into our neighborhoods. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and is a growing epidemic in the U.S. today … and the next victim could be a loved one. Awareness and education are the strongest weapons we can fight these predators with.

  • Presenting true stories and statistics about sex trafficking, this book answers our most common questions:
  • Why is prostitution, pornography, and commercialized sex of children an epidemic problem in America?
  • Why do commercial sex workers do what they do? Why don’t they just get out?
  • How can I recognize a pimp or trafficker?
  • What can I do as a Christian and a parent to make a difference and protect my children?
  • What does God say about it?

This Christ-based book will help you understand the world of sex trafficking, identify risk factors, and take practical steps to keep your families and friends safe from the criminals who stalk our neighborhoods.


Part One: Modern Day Slavery: In Our Neighborhoods 

  1. The Dirty Truth                                                            
  2. Dispelling the Myths                                            
  3. The Power of Porn                                                       
  4. It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way!                               
  5. Too Young To Be a Victim                                        

Part Two: Why They Do What They Do: The Power of Our Beliefs

  1. Pre-programmed through Life Events                             
  2. Stolen Lives                                                               
  3. Be Trauma Informed                                                     
  4. The Body Keeps Score                                                  
  5. Exploring the Brain                                                     

Part Three: Taking Back our Streets: Responding to the Stink of Sex Trafficking

  1. God’s Response                                                          
  2. Parents and Youth Leaders Response                              
  3. Our Response                                                               

Part Four: New Beginnings: Reclaiming a Stolen Life    

  1. How Can I Give You Up?                                           
  2. Breaking Free of Sexual Sin                                           
  3. It’s All About Love                                                      

Appendix A: Glossary of Abuse & Sex Trafficking Terminology   

Appendix B: Abduction: A Story of Redemption (Author’s story)  

coping and overcoming depression and the blues

I'm God's Girl? Why Can't I Feel It?

Daily Biblical Encouragement to Defeat Depression and the Blues

Another book on depression! But this book is different. It is not about how depression affects you, or about anti-depressants, or how to help or live with a depressed person In this book we will explore in a series of daily teachings the different paths some amazing, and surprising, women took to get out of their personal dark dungeons.

"Need a new set of eyes to fight depression? Kimberly provides a unique set of encouraging and powerful biblical tools and stories of her own deliverance to begin a journey of hope out of the darkness, into the light. Even if you don't feel like it, you can experience God and healing through her bite-size daily devotions." -- Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D., CEDS, The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., Author of Moving Beyond Depression

Drawing from personal and ministerial experience, join women’s pastor Kimberly Davidson on a life-changing biblical journey where you will find encouragement, wisdom, and practical help to defeat depression and the blues in this 365-day devotional. In the Bible, many of God’s girls, his precious daughters, dealt with depression. Follow God’s treasure map and feel the women depicted in I’m God’s Girl? Why Can’t I Feel It? urging you to climb out of your pit. Their stories are your stepping stones. Take their hand. Learn from them. Geared to women of all levels of Bible understanding, this effective, day-by-day healing study is for anyone struggling with depression or the blues. God’s Girl is not the description of one woman, but a portrait of different godly women, all with a direct connection to Jesus Christ. They became who they were created to be: women of hope, influence, and faith, because Jesus Christ, whom they put their trust and faith in, transformed and refined their lives.

Table of Contents:
What if the Perfect Depression Medication Wasn't a Medication at All? An Introduction
Part One: God's Exceptional Girls
Part Two: What Am I Here For?
Part Three: The Power
Part Four: Breaking Out of a Prison of Pain
Part Five: Our Creator
Part Six: God's First Girl
Part Seven: There Was Light!
Part Eight: Become What You Are ~ God's Girl
Part Nine: God's Girl Paints a New Face
Part Ten: The Royal Girl
A Royal Purpose
I Am Royalty!
Part Eleven: The Champion Girl
I Am A Champ!
Part Twelve: The Victorious Girl
I Am Triumphant!
The Battle For Our Mind
God's Girl Wins!
Part Thirteen: The Loving Girl
Part Fourteen: The Friend Girl
Part Fifteen: The Honorable Girl
Part Sixteen: God's Girl is Light!
Finishing The Race
(A) Job's Depression Test (produced by Charles M. Sell, Professor, Trinity Seminary)
(B) Glossary of "Christianese" Terms (this author does not assume the reader is familiar with the Bible or terminology.)

Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders

Hope, Help and Healing For Eating Disorders

A New Approach to Treating Anorexia, Bulimia, and Overeatingby Gregory Jantz, Ph.D.

Dr. Jantz has developed a program that treats the emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual aspects of eating problems. This approach can be used by those with food disorders and their families and friends. Each chapter contains questions and activities to lead readers through progressive steps to healing.

  • Discover 5 often-overlooked nutritional keys to recovery
  • Find out how to let go of anger, fear, and guilt
  • Obtain tools for creating a binge-free life
  • Learn how not to be a victim of others
  • Understand the role of emotional and verbal abuse
  • Learn about 7 keys to help you create healthy relationships
  • Deal successfully with the opposite sex

Privacy Policy ~ Terms and Conditions of this site. Entire contents subject to copyright Kimberly J. Davidson, 2003-2019. All rights reserved.