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The Epidemic of Eating Disorders

  • A survey of female students aged 18 to 65 at British universities found that almost one in three would be willing to die younger in exchange for the ‘ideal’ figure like model Kelly Brook or actress Scarlett Johansson.[1]
  • A press release from the sorority Tri-Delta indicated that 54% of women would rather be hit by a truck than be fat. [2]
  • The National Eating Disorders Association estimates that 11 million Americans of all ages suffer from anorexia and bulimia, the dangerous cycle of secretly overeating then purging, most commonly through vomiting, laxative abuse or over-exercising. NEDA estimates that eating disorders take nearly half a million lives each year.
  • More than half a million U.S. teens have had eating disorders but few have sought treatment, government research shows (Archives of General Psychiatry; March, 20110).
  • Research suggests that male eating disorders now account for at least 10% of all cases.
  • Teens suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders are more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts, anxiety disorders and substance abuse [more].
  • Disordered eating [a wide variety of irregularities in a person’s eating behavior] both affects around 25 million people in the USA.
  • 90% of people with anorexia or bulimia are females between the ages of 12 -25.
  • Almost half of 9-11 year olds are "sometimes" or "very often" on diets.
  • Over 80% of their family members are "sometimes" or "very often" on diets [see the connection!]
  • A DePauw University study determined young women who rush sororities are more likely to have an eating disorder than those who don't.
  • The most common behavior that leads to an eating disorder is dieting. More than 1/3 of normal dieters develop an eating disorder.
  • 50% of girls between the ages of 11 and 13 see themselves as overweight.
  • 42% of 1st through 3rd grade girls want to be thinner.
  • 51% of 9 and 10 year-old girls feel better about themselves if they are on dieting.

My Secret Life: Break Free From Secrets, Lies, and Deception by Kimberly Davidson

I love GOD because he listened to me, listened as I begged for mercy.
He listened so intently as I laid out my case before him.
Death stared me in the face, hell was hard on my heels.
Up against it, I didn't know which way to turn; then I called out to GOD for help:"Please, GOD!" I cried out. "Save my life!"
~ Psalm 116:1-4, TM


[1] Read more:



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