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Change your mind. Change your life.


Welcome to Olive Branch Outreach! I'm a firm believer that everyone can have a life that's fulfilling and brings out their best. There is no doubt that God’s Word has immense power to transform lives today. From living for decades in a self-made hell to victory in Jesus Christ through the grace of God, I now consider it my life's work to help other women successfully navigate through trauma and transition. Whatever your reason for stopping by, I hope I am able to serve you.

A Message From Kimberly ~ Today, as never before, millions of Christian women, of all ages, are struggling in emotional and physical prisons. Depression, physical illness, eating disorders, the trauma of abuse, and addiction, create toxic harmful thoughts literally embedded in their minds. They are searching as never before for direction and answers. There is hope!

God is not ashamed or angry, nor confused by your actions. Your past doesn't trouble Him. You are here right now because He loves you and is pursuing you through this website. Yes you! Go to God, the perfect Father.

Someone once said, "It is a dangerous presumption to say, “Tomorrow,” when God says, "Today!”"

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