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addiction and recovery bookNew Book by Author Kimberly Davidson

Something Happened On My Way To H E L L

Break Free From the Insatiable Pursuit of Pleasure

After analyzing her own addictive behaviors through a spiritual lens, author Kimberly Davidson finally broke free of the daily challenges and cravings that plagued her life. She said, "Sometimes we must risk undoing who we’ve become in order to live the life we desire."

Think carefully: has a simple craving for love or money; or an everyday activity such as eating, exercising, texting, or work, transformed into a bad habit?

Insatiable cravings. Toxic habits. Compulsions. Vices. Addictions. We’ve all got them! We all love something too much. And we all want more. More pleasure. More love. More chocolate. More acceptance. More money. The endless pursuit of pleasure is leaving us numb.

What then do we do with our insatiable cravings for more? This book answers that question.

Pastoral counselor Kimberly Davidson knows all about the insatiable pursuit of pleasure. She has lived it and bled it. She discovered how to let go. She also knows where to find Redemption. This 12-week study helps you identify hidden and destructive habits:

  • Understanding the Root of Addiction
  • Addicted to Food and Body Image
  • Addicted To the Quest for Perfection
  • Addicted to Relationships, Approval, and Religion
  • Addicted to Pain, Stress, Substances, and the Internet
  • Truth versus Self-deception or Denialism
  • Understanding Codependency and Enabling
  • The Battle for Control
  • Finding Purpose in Pain
  • Radical Forgiveness  ...and more.
addiction and recoveryMeet Author Kimberly Davidson in this 3 minute book trailer

author Kimberly DavidsonKimberly writes,
Using my own life stories, psychological research, and the Word of God, I describe what is going on in our lives, and why we are an addicted people. As I describe my spiral into hell and my journey through recovery, my intention is to clarify to the reader why our cravings for more are never satisfied. I do more than recount past tragedies. I paint a picture of human nature and divine efficacy, something most addiction-recovery models do not account for.

Our insatiable appetites can only be quenched by the One who created our longings to begin with.You can break free from life's closet compulsions and everyday hidden addictions, and become an image bearer of God. God wants to set you free.

The book helps women heal hidden addictions, develop skills to identify distorted thinking, modify beliefs, relate to others in godly ways, and change behaviors.

"I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along. He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the LORD." (Psalm 40:1-3, NLT)

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What People are Saying:

Atlanta Live Interview with Pastor Leroy Doe

“Once a victim of this culture’s disease—addiction, Kimberly rose from the pits of hell and has emerged a vessel of God’s healing grace. As she honestly shares her stories of pain and shame, she gives us hope of a resurrected and transformed life. This study is a testimony to the power of His Word. If you are wrestling with destructive habits and want to be free this book is for you. Read it and be transformed through the healing grace of God.” –Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, C.E.D.S.,The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc. 

“Kimberly has lived it and bled it. She wandered into dark places and knows the face of the enemy. She also knows where Redemption lives—and grace, and forgiveness, and peace. Kimberly doesn’t just tell you where to find it, she’ll take you there.” –Nancy, a writer, speaker, women’s ministry leader and mentor from Oregon a writer, mother, and grandmother, from Oregon

“Kimberly writes from a place of personal knowledge. She is highly transparent about her experiences and deficiencies so others may learn how to deal with the pain that so often accompanies a hidden addiction. Her understanding of the specific struggles is obvious. She validates the realities of those struggling with addiction. I recommend this study, designed to provide a supportive pathway along the recovery journey. Each chapter is pointed and affecting. The format enhances spiritual growth and healing. Readers will witness the love of God and discover His amazing, limitless healing grace as they journey towards freedom from addiction. The book is an outstanding ministry tool.”—Doris, BSN, MS, PMHNP, a mental health professional and Bible teacher from Oregon

“Bravo for a book that gives a biblically sound frame of reference for addiction and treatment. I applaud the way Kimberly has addressed the biblical doctrine of sin and its connection with addiction. I have worked both in secular and religious circles in this field and in my experience both shy away from addressing the concept of sin and how it affects addiction.”—Sharon, MSW, a mental health professional from Kentucky, currently working in SE Africa

“This book is different. Kimberly shares the only way to true healing: a relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. I've learned through this long journey that only God can fill those dark places in our lives. His Spirit will fill you as food never can. The result is peace and joy rather than the shame and guilt. Read this book and let God speak to you through it.”–Jennifer, a wife and mother from Minnesota

“This is an amazing, life changing book. I highly recommend this to any woman who has ever struggled with compulsive behavior, addiction or self-image issues. Be prepared for God to do a major work in your life if you’ll be honest with him and yourself.”—Tanya, a wife, mother and part-time realtor from Colorado

"Kimberly has God-given talent for writing and opening the Scriptures for her readers. Every paragraph has a powerful lesson. The pre-study exercise alone revealed so much about my own life. Kimberly is a beautiful example of a woman of God. --Dashley, a wife, mother, and politician.

What I want you to take from Something Happened On My Way to Hell is:

We are not confined to or defined by our insatiable cravings and compulsive behaviors. God is genuinely interested in your problems. He is in the business of changing lives. Turning to him empowers healing and transformation.

You will be inspired, with God’s help, to identify and examine the things that keep you in a state of bondage. The greater your understanding of the dynamics of a behavior, the greater your ability to overcome it. Whatever you’ve been afraid to look at is not beyond the reach of God’s touch.

This study is broken into twelve chapters or weeks. Each week covers five days of reading material. Each day concludes with some reflective questions, exercises, and/or meditations to move your transformation process forward.

You will discover who you truly are: a significant and secure woman who cannot be enslaved; someone who has the potential to be a loving, giving, and confident person. God’s got your back, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand” (Isaiah 41:10, NLT).

Audience: Christian women of all ages (even the guys!).

About the Author Kimberly Davidson:

Kimberly Davidson received her MA in specialized ministry from Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon; a BA in health sciences; food and nutrition from the University of Iowa. She is a board certified biblical counselor and spiritual development coach, helping women mend their souls.

Kimberly is the founder of Olive Branch Outreach, a ministry dedicated to bringing hope and restoration to those struggling with body image, abuse, and food addiction. She has ministered to women for over ten years, from within prison walls to youth centers, inspiring others to empower God to meet their emotional and spiritual needs.

Kimberly is the author of: I’m Beautiful? Why Can’t I See It?, I’m God’s Girl? Why Can’t I Feel It?, Breaking the Cover Girl Mask, and Torn Between Two Masters. She is a contributor to five books, and has penned numerous articles. She lives in Oregon with her husband and numerous critters.

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